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college scholarships & financial help



this is a list of colleges. my purpose for this list is to supply a list of college scholarships so people can actually pay for college or at least partially pay for college, because college is expensive. most college students have to go on student loans and those take a long time to pay back (especially in this economy).


  • get through college. for some people it's really hard to get through college, and they feel like quitting every day - for those people you need your family or other support to keep you going. some people can just barrel through on 3 hours of sleep a night, much coffee, and take 25 credit hours a term. it's POSSIBLE. lots of people have done it before you, and lots of people will do it after you. it is do-able. sometimes just knowing that is all you need to know - a little hope.
  • college is stressful, and people get sick because of that, so you should get used to the fact.
  • think outside the box. employers like that.
  • do research. cite your sources where possible. dig in. if you can, do more than what is expected of you. not only will you get higher grades, you might get more than that. this translates into life as well. Excellence.
  • explore what you have learned, and play with it and find new uses for it, make new inventions with it. you will retain what you have learned longer. I didn't know I could do extracurricular projects outside the box to make a new invention. I think I would have loved it. I was FULL of new ideas because of my classes. you will probably also have to do project management, some management skills, maybe business skills, negotiation skills maybe, especially communication skills, etc. and you may need to work directly with a professor and be sponsored or funded by an outside company interested in your research (so make it practical or useful in some way or solve a [possibly thorny] problem!). maybe a radically new concept or new faster algorithm - a paradigm shift that could spark a whole new industry.
  • integrity will take you a long way.

college grants and scholarships listings

Postmark Deadline March 15, 2011: 34 High School Seniors award total of $50,000 (there are Four (4) $5,000 grant recipients and Thirty (30) $1,000 grant recipients). See if you can get a form from Education Exchange, PO Box 559, Morris Plains, New Jersey, 07950. you must be a graduating high school senior at time of app submission. you must be a US citizen. you must be able to provide written acceptance to an accredited 2 or 4-year college by may 15, 2011. you must submit all required attachments with your completed form (high school transcripts with gpa, honors/ap classes and sat or act scores noted, 2 letters of recommendation, 1 letter must be from a teacher or school admin and 1 letter must be from a personal reference, both of which must have the reference's name, address, and phone number, how long they have known you and in what context). there is more on the form.



WA: Deadline is June 1. College Success Foundation 425-416-2000. full ride + textbook stipend to low-income middle school (7-8th grade) students.

USA: College Board Online - has finaid calculator

USA: - internships, colleges, scholarships

USA: FinAid - all kinds of resources and a calculator. also learn about loans and fellowships.

USA: US Dept. of Education - info about federal govt programs. Covers things like Pell grants, Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans (for parents), eligibility criteria & deadlines. tips for reducing cost of college.

USA: Community and Technical Colleges on the Web

USA: eStudentLoan - LoanFinder is for researching and comparing alternatives to standard financial aid.

IL - U of I?: Fellowships Awarded in National Competitions - I don't understand whether this is national or whether it is specific to U of I. The link was first given in 2002 and it changed.

USA: FreSch! (Free Scholarship Search Service)

USA: Graduate Assistantship Directory or it may be through this participation form. The acm is currently redesigning the gad part of the site.

USA: NCAA, also check out ncaastudent - for athletes

USA: Online Study Abroad Directory

USA: SRN Express - find personalized scholarship info. (server may be down temporarily or permanently)

TX?: TG Works Online - site from Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp.

USA African American: United Negro College Fund

USA: Back to College - lots of good working scholarship links (except for 1 or 2). looks like a junk site but doesn't seem to work like one.