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Download Now (Version 1.3, 06/30/2011)

06/30/2011  10:56 PM            85,794

%%%% HASHDEEP-1.0
%%%% size,md5,sha1,sha256,filename
## Invoked from: C:\prj\treemenu7
## C : \ >  hashdeep -c md5,sha1,sha256


dhtml menu tree #7 (treemenu7) is shown below. please view the source for this page and look at the code. documentation is in the treemenu7.js file. menu system is currently under BSD license, so you should be allowed to use it in commercial development, you just have to make sure the license text is packaged with it somewhere.

The code works successfully in all major up-to-date browsers, the only problem I have had is with Google Chrome using a local file (file://) and that only affects developers.


treemenu7 is under the GPL3 license. that means you can modify it and distribute it as will but you need to make sure somebody can get the source code (probably by view|source I would guess would be sufficient, or putting a comment in your html that has a link to this page).

The source code for treemenu7 can be found at /code/treemenu7.html

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