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years between computer buys calculator



Q: Does it costs less money to buy a less expensive PC more often or a more expensive PC less often?

Q: which is better for stewardship of the earth we have been given to manage? the less expensive or more expensive route?

this is for people who want to save costs. here you can find out just how long to time things if you want to do some planning. this can come in handy for businesses too.

if you didn't know, a desktop costs less to maintain, and it lasts at least 3x longer than a laptop with parts replacement that you can do possibly yourself (but don't skimp on the power supply).

years between computer buys costs calculator

short term

(max 9 before it goes out of support)

long term

(max 9 before it goes out of support)

in 30 years, you will have spent:
30years*/years= short term going through computers.
30years*/years= long term going through computers.
Cost Recommendation: go with the term.
Stewardship of the Earth Recommendation: In terms of computer recycling, the would reduce the number of computers going through recycling.