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percent change/difference/increase/decrease calculator



the information you enter here runs only on your browser on your machine, no data is transmitted to a server unless you use bookmark URL button, then it submits to same page (nothing active on server side) and builds a URL.

sometimes you want to know how much % faster one cpu is than another,given some benchmark numbers, such as from novabench cpu list and value or passmark cpu list and value

maybe you want to do video cards. or cars. all you do is plug in 2 numbers,the first being lower than the second (if it's an increase). first should be higher for decrease.

essentially, you can think of the 2 numbers as being a time sequence. for instance, if you are upgrading your computer to a better model.

this is a key %CHG typically found on scientific and financial and graphing calculators, so should you want this kind of functionality apart from the web, it's a keypress away. just check your calculator manual if necessary. you may have to swap the values. with my HP, I have to use RPN mode and put in
1046 Enter
980 %CHG

in order to use this. to do this in algebraic mode on my HP 33s scientific calculator you do 980 %CHG 1046 Enter

real numbers are optionally signed and case insensitive. it ignores underscores(_) and commas(,). it can be hexadecimal (start with 0x), decimal (plain number or start with 0d), octal (start with 0, 0q, 0o), binary (start with 0b), and can be appended with SI units (:y :z :a :f :p :n :mu :m :c :d :da :h :k :M :G :T :P :E :Z :Y) or IEC-computer units (:yi :zi :ai :fi :pi :ni :mubi :mi :Ki :Mi :Gi :Ti :Pi :Ei :Zi :Yi) as a multiplier suffix in addition to the dimension which may be appended (and required). priority will be given to longer suffixes in a stream of printable characters. example: 4:k=4000 and 4:ki=4096

Math can be used as an alternative.

percent change/difference/increase/decrease Application

1st number
2nd number

Result: 0% change

the math

% change = n2 - n1 n1 × 100 %

the 100 multiplier makes it a percentage instead of just a ratio.