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monitor dpi calculator for gimp and photoshop


monitor dpi calculator for gimp and photoshop application

the information you enter here runs only on your browser on your machine, no data is transmitted to a server unless you use bookmark URL button, then it submits to same page (nothing active on server side) and builds a URL.

These default settings are for a 19" 4:3 crt monitor that has been adjusted.

get out your measuring tape. the manufacturer's listed diagonal inches are not accurate and only measure from the case corners when I need is diagonal pixel area measurement. they measure the bezel usually. measure the diagonal resolution of the video part. be careful with the measuring tape to avoid touching the screen. I usually just use my fingers to hold it on the inside corners.

to get x inches from x px, multiply by x px*x dpi. same for y:

to get y inches from y px, multiply by y px*y dpi.

Change X, Y, video Inches:
inches diagonal

Aspect Ratio:: (x:y which is a ratio or fraction of display y inches to x inches. if the pixels are 1:1 in size such as in cinema displays, then you can use the x and y resolution in this set of entries).

CONVERT:X px: px to find X in
CONVERT:Y px: px to find Y in

CONVERT:X in: in to find X px
CONVERT:Y in: in to find Y px

X video: inches
Y video: inches

diagonal resolution: (useless, but here for completeness).
diagonal dpi: (useless, but here for completeness).

X: dpi
Y: dpi

Avg. DPI: dpi

last dropdown list selection:

CONVERT: 0 X px = 0 X in
CONVERT: 0 X px = 0 Y in

CONVERT: 0 X in = 0 X px
CONVERT: 0 X in = 0 Y px

apple and cell phone retina displays are 300dpi. Toshiba Retina displays are 367dpi. to give you an idea of the resolution of a 23" monitor, 20 1/16"x11 1/4"@367dpi=7362x4128 pixels, 20 1/16"x11 1/4"@300dpi=6018x3375 pixels

my older 4:3 crt visual inches example is 27 10/16" x 10 1/4" and the display was 1280x1024. my HD 1920x1080 23" monitor's visual inches are 20 1/16" x 11 1/4".

a 32" tv is 27.5" wide. a 23" monitor is 23×sqrt(337)/16=" wide