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calculator with estimator to save up for item



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For people who don't want to go into debt to buy an item, this is a way to figure out how long it will take to save up for an item. it calculates in sales tax which you must look up for the location you are buying at (see state tax lookup pages and/or laws, talk to your accountant). in washington, it's this page:


Target Item:
Start Date:

Target Amount: (you can put math here, $ is optional)
Target Shipping: (you can put math here +- and $ is optional)
Extras Desc:
Extras Amount: (you can put math here $ is optional)
Extras Shipping: (you can put math here, $ is optional)
Tax: % Enable Tax
Money in Checking:
Minimum Balance in Checking:
Enable Checking value use
Enable Savings value use
Money In Savings:
Minimum Balance in Savings:
You can save per (only affects end date)

SubTotal Target Amount:
Tax Amount:
SubTotal Shipping:
Total Target Amount with optional Tax:
Money to save up:
% Completed.
time period until goal reached.
Completion Date:
Money left over in Checking+Savings after item paid:
Last period pmt amt:

bug fixes

  • 2/12/2014
    • added some neeeded functions to my libraries.
    • fixed problem with percentage complete. should have been a no-brainer, but somehow I got this wrong.
    • fixed problem with time estimation
    • fixed problem with Last period pmt amt
    • fixed problem with money left over in Checking+Savings after item paid