disk space and drive letters calculator



got an old computer that needs a no-need-for-TRIM SSD? Intel makes some that use a sandforce controller. an IDE controller can be found at Kouei.com

you can make partitions out of a big disk using FDISK or similar partitioning utility or disk managing software, if it runs on yuor platform.

given max allowed drive space by BIOS, his calculator allows you to find out what that MTTF translates into in years, months, etc. based on your hours usage during the week. this is why MTTF/MTBF is given in hours rather than in years, because calculated years/months can vary wildly.

integer numbers like hours MTTF, years, months, days, hours are integer64.

integer64 is unsigned and case insensitive. it ignores underscores(_). it can be hexadecimal (start with 0x), decimal (plain number or start with 0d), octal (start with 0, 0q, 0o), binary (start with 0b), and can be appended with SI units (:B :D :DB :H :HB :K :KB :M :MB :G :GB :T :TB :P :PB :E :EB :Z :ZB :Y :YB) or computer units (:Ki :KiB :Mi :MiB :Gi :GiB :Ti :TiB :Pi :PiB :Ei :EiB :Zi :ZiB :Yi :YiB) as a multiplier suffix. priority will be given to longer suffixes in a stream of printable characters.

disk space and drive letters calculator

(usually 2 optical, 2 floppy minimum 2 A: and B:)

max number of partitions with BIOS MAX:
size of single partition space:
number of drives required:
needed space for last disk, if any:
//has IfRemainder() on end
//regarding ?: operator, if any remainder there, increment, since you can't have 1/2 a drive.