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carpet calculator



the information you enter here runs only on your browser on your machine, no data is transmitted to a server unless you use bookmark URL button, then it submits to same page (nothing active on server side) and builds a URL.

This is a calculator to find out how much carpet would be left over and minimally how many rolls it would take to lay out the space required.

It takes into account the number of strips that can be divided up within a roll.

single corner carpet should be taken care of separately than roll carpet.

Carpet Problem Application

Room Width: ft
Room Length: ft
Roll Width: yd, typically
Roll Length: yd, typically

Sq. Yards Required,
Rolls Wide Required,
Rolls Length Required,
Sq. Yards Single Corner Strip Carpet Required,
Rolls Required,
Sq. Yards Total Carpet Remaining (Remnants),
Sq. Yards Single Corner Strip Carpet Remaining (Remnants),
Yards Width Carpet Corner Size,
Yards Length Carpet Corner Size,

Sq. Yards Wide Carpet Remaining (Remnants),
Sq. Yards Length Carpet Remaining (Remnants),
Wide Strips Carpet Remaining (Remnants),
Length Strips Carpet Remaining (Remnants),
Wide Strips Carpet In Roll,
Length Strips Carpet In Roll,
Sq. Yards Carpet in Rolls,