changing trade names (DBA/business names)



sometimes people are just plain human and we don't always get it right the first time. I had a really long business name (6 words), and it was breaking web site forms and wasn't working well with other business forms because there just wasn't enough room for this really long name. so I learned a lesson: keep it short, sweet and to the point.

In the state of Washington (your state may be different, so CHECK!), when I realized I had a useless trade name, I had to change it. and in WA there are multiple ways of doing this: you can add a trade name or add a new one and drop the old one (like a changeover).

in doing an add-new+drop-old, I discovered through my accountant that I had to change this also at my bank and drop the old account and create a new one, which meant checking that there were no outstanding checks or transactions before closing the old account - the account had been dormant for long enough and all my recent transactions which I had recorded had cleared, so I was able to drop the account (thia is something you do AT A BRANCH). and get new business cards. and my quickbooks account probably as well.


Doing Business As. your business name. a trade name.
trade name
DBA. Doing Business As. your business name.
Doing Business As
DBA. trade name. your business name.
Accounting software for handling the financial general ledger "the books" of your business(es). may include inventory, retail, and other modules.