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Photoshop CS5/CS6 extended RAM usage estimator



many users want to spec a photoshop CS machine to buy and wonder exactly how to do it. I have heard some concrete numbers,but I don't think that really does it, I want an estimator based on the size of the image,number of layers, etc.

I discovered that the number of layers multiples the amout of RAM taken. there are also other factors to consider,like what kinds of operations you are trying to perform.

I can probably only focus on the really big operations, like

  • number of layers
  • content-aware fill (CAF)
  • content-aware move (CAM)
  • radial blur
  • 3D
  • I forget what else CS6 has that's new

these would become checkboxes in this application. right now the checkboxes don't work, and the calculations are very rudeimentary and should probably not be used, it's just a guess.


NOT FINISHED, doesn't work completely yet, no data

image pixel width:
image pixel height:
use content-aware-fill (cs5):
use content-aware-move (CS6):
use radial blur (CS6):
use 3D (CS5):

Estimate that 0GiB RAM required.