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I found out I was wrong about the OS Repair - you don't need to reinstall all your software. Only the OS, Service Packs, and IE are affected.

still in the process of reinstalling software on my comnputer after the rebuild. A lot of my software was in boxes - I think a lot of it ended up at Value Village by accident - we were in a hurry.

I've beeen wrong before.


was playing with my mother's calculator, and God gave me this little calculator sequence/equation first time without thinking. do this on a calculator:

1+2×3-4÷5= (result is 1)


  • you end up with the same number you started with
  • the numbers you enter are all in sequence from 1 to 5.
  • for a four-function calculator, it uses all the operators (function keys) exactly once.
  • the operators are grouped in the following pattern: grouped in pairs. first pair is positive operator and positive succession operator, second pair is negative operator and negative succession operator. each pair starts with the lower order/priority operator first, followed by the higher order/priority operator next.
  • operator groups are sorted, if you wish to think of it that way.


updated the menu system. now pages can have special boilerplate headers and footers. did regex global search and replace using dreamweaver to make the corresponding changes to my site's pages.


mingw-w64 released the automated build of mingw-w32-1.0-bin_i686-mingw_20100129 and mingw-w64-1.0-bin_i686-mingw_20100129 which generates 32-bit and real 64-bit code, respectively. and it doesn't crash this time. Re-released all my software. Office packages will follow soon - they take a week to upload at 384kbps.


Now I have found out, that much to my lack of surprise, the mingw toolchain which targets 64-bit, only executes on 64-bit machines (the compiler, g++). the toolchain which targets 32-bit executes on my machine works of course on 32-bit OS.

what this means is, I have to recompile all my software and re-release it AGAIN, once I have the proper tools, which may be a few days from now, or it may be a month. I don't know. it depends on how long it takes for the mingw-w64 developers to respond to the bug I posted.

As things stand now, the "32-bit" x64 programs will execute just fine on a 64-bit machine, I know from other people on the internet whom I have asked this compatibility question, and I have also tested it on Windows 7 64-bit.


I discovered that recent builds of my programs were not executing on windows 7 64-bit due to a missing DLL. I *thought* the compiler was generating monolithic executables, but I was wrong. I still don't know if mingw-w64 can generate monolithic executables (without a runtime DLL).

So I rebuilt/recompiled all my windows programs that depend on the mingw compiler and uploaded the affected zip and EXE files - which is pretty much everything.

I am in the process of converting

I Discovered that Borland C++ 5.5.1 is NOT capable of working with windows vista/7 manifests. I went to all the trouble of making a nice batch file for compiling and it didn't work.

To make a distributable program (monolithic or otherwise), later Borland compilers require files that only come with the commercial versions to generate a monolithic executable - otherwise, you can only execute the program on the machine with the Borland Turbo Express C++ compiler (effectively generating development-box-locked executables).


I have not been receiving transmissions from the contact form for a long time due to the fact that the transmissions have been rejected by the server. Seems to be fixed now. please try again.

DTV transition

DTV Feb 17, 2009 June 12, 2009 over-the-air Transition DTV March 18, 2009 Cable ch32-71 Transition click here for more information, how to get your converter coupon, and DTV converter boxes and ATSC tuners. Apparently Cable is going digital now too! (notified January 2009 - requires special comcast digital box $1/mo I hear). DirecTV will make HD versions of local channels available by end of year (2009?) - unclear to me if this is a switchover or an addition.


2TB drives have come out. the next size up should spark some sort of shift in PC's, because for one thing, large sectored drives will only work in Windows Vista, and will become a necessity after the 2TB drive. Windows Vista was supposedly the first Windows OS to support these large-sector drives, according to one article. since 7 is vista-based, it will probably support it too. And because the MBR (master boot record) on a hard disk, a specially formatted section on the hard disk, cannot handle more than 232×512B=2199023255552B=2TiB without using large sectors. (MBR's LBA is 32-bits, not 48 like in the current BIOS and 64-bit LBA in EFI).

Using large sectors requires changes to the BIOS, motherboard (disk controller actually), disk drive, and software which was formerly hard-coded for 512-byte sectors. I used to not know if this would be solved by RAID-style drivers or what. in wikipedia it says that the BIOS loads and executes the MBR (it is tied to it, and the BIOS is built-into the motherboard). A solution has been implemented in x64 Itatium servers, the UEFI+GPT replacement for BIOS+MBR. it allows up to 128 64-bit partitions per disk. So is it up to the motherboard manufacturers to come up with a solution? Currently only Windows Vista (later release) and probably Windows 7 have compatibility with UEFI+GPT.

Maybe things would work if Windows only made the minor modification of using GPT as its partitioning scheme. The current Microsoft solution to the problem appears to be to use larger sectored-drives. this staves off the problem of the 32-bit LBA until a later date (microsoft has warned people of this), and the 32-bit LBA MBR can still be used. If the 32-bit LBA problem is going to be handled by increasing the size of sectors, which is a possibility, it delays the necessity of using the UEFI+GPT. I remember Microsoft warned about large sectored disks coming.

I had asked all the disk manufacturers about their use of large sectors, but all said they were *currently* using 512-byte sectors in their products. this will probably change with the 2.5TB disk if that is the next size up. who knows, maybe it will be 3TB.

I can imagine there is probably going to be a lot of software with hard-coded sector-sizes in them that will have to be rewritten because they will then break on the new drives. it will likely be disk management software. Even I used to hard-code 512-byte sectors in my software. I had to break myself of the habit. why? it was just too much trouble to do the call to get the disk geometry. and do the multiplications by something akin to bytes_per_sector using __int64 or some other large number type in all my calculations for disk sizes and number of sectors or number of bytes.

When EFI becomes more established as a standard, Microsoft will replace the 32-bit BIOS with UEFI. UEFI includes the GPT.

the next size drive up from the 2TB drive will probably use large sectors. it will probably cause some mis-coded disk management software to break. If you intend to buy one of those drives, You may need to purchase a newer version of the disk management software that you currently own, such as Norton 360 or Norton Systemworks, or possibly Partition Magic (it may report incorrect disk/partition sizes). you might want to wait a while after the larger hard drive comes out before you get the replacement software so the software companies have a chance to rewrite and test their newer version and sell it to you. For Norton Systemworks or Norton 360 or other similar software that "automatically defrags" or fixes your hard disk (that isn't built-into Windows), you might want to disable or maybe uninstall that feature as quickly as possible before it has a chance to execute. As a workaround, instead of buying Norton 360, buy Norton Internet Security (if the number of PC's it is licensed for is agreeable). In Mcafee Total Protection it is called Computer Maintenance. look for something with a similar sounding name.

June 30, 2008

site navigation problem[fixed] The navigation on this site doesn't work with Opera and Safari browser for some reason. I'm working on that, but it may take me a while - I am clueless as to what causes it. It appears to be the browser's fault. Works fine on FF & IE. Until then, the navigation cookie is set to expand all menus for Opera so you can navigate the site. Navigation will remain "normal" (collapsed) until Opera can notice & fix the problem. Navigation should work fine on all browsers as of June 30, 2008. Switched to a different menu system - couldn't wait for Opera & Safari.


I somehow had a recent setback - a number of pages went to a previous version and the changes are lost. I am now having to re-update by hand.


I discovered that dt and dd tags do not work with google. I had to redo my entire cool-products section and see if div tags will work. I will know next week.


Google Custom Search Engine (the search box) now works. I took up the problems with google help and they were able to fix it. Yay!