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Windows EOL Schedule

This is the Windows End-Of-Life (EOL) Schedule. this means that updates will be cut off after times listed below for given OS, and recovery discs will no longer be availbel for sale (means you must buy a new machine if you don't have discs). Windows 7 retail is no longer for sale, only windows 8.1 is left and it's anti-productive and user-hostile (I hear it's fast though, but my windows 8 tests revealed 8 was visibly 2-3x slower than xp). :-(

98 last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
service packs
last updates
98SE last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
service packs
last updates
ME last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
service packs
last updates
2000 last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
service packs
last updates
XP last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
service packs
last updates
XP Embedded last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
Service Packs
last updates
Vista last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
Service Packs
last updates
7 last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates:
Recovery Discs
Service Packs
last updates
8 last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates, same as 8.1:
Recovery Discs
Service Packs
last updates
8.1 last End-Of-Life(EOL) dates, same as 8:
Recovery Discs
Service Packs
last updates
10 preview expires:

See XP EOL table, Vista EOL Table, 7 EOL Table, 8 EOL Table, 8.1 EOL Table, .

-----I was using HTML manifests on some of my calculator apps on this site, which made it possible to run the app locally, even on a plane, which sounded like a nice feature, but the browser made it sound so horrible to visitors that I decided to take the feature off. "This site wants to store files locally, are you sure you want to allow this?" firefox would say. from now on, my browser apps don't use this feature.----

This site is simply here for informational purposes, but visit the fun section anyway. You will find a lot of information on computers. I update or create some page pretty much weekly. I just fixed a REALLY ANNOYING bug in my time library, this should fix the browser hang problems some of you may have been experiencing. yay! it was in 2 lines of code, 1 in error detection logic...

Windows 8.1 does not have a start menu. it has a start button. this was not what we wanted. some people groups like win8.1 and some don't. I still don't like where this is going. I need a nice powerful desktop, not a toy tablet to work on (may still get one for platform-target testing purposes), I develop programs and do number crunching. so I bought the desktop equivalent of a workstation.

Critical Fixes

Parts availability Notices - what you and I can't get

  • windows xp and xp recovery media. updates will be unavailable in 2014 it looks like - product is EOL (End Of Life). (I kept old service packs) - you can still use yours if you have a set of recovery cds or an original windows disc. recovery discs are no longer avaiable.
  • windows 2000 and service packs are no longer available (I have service packs I have kept)
  • windows NT in any version and service packs are no longer available (however, I have an official disc for NT4 SP6a with IE6 SP1 you can use on win98/me to upgrade the browser)
  • windows 98 and me and their updates are no longer available (however, I have an official disc for NT4 SP6a with IE6 SP1 you can use on win98/me to upgrade the browser)
  • windows 3.x is no longer available, although on a pentium motherboard with the max 32MiB it just pops!
  • motherboards no longer offer real floppy controllers as of 2012. apparently, there are no analog floppy controller chips available that work on the PCI-e bus. there is a kind of workaround you can do, a bus conversion from ISA to PCI and then from PCI to PCI-e. it requires 2 extra chips, but no manufacturer is willing to do it because it's probably not going to generate a lot of cash inflow, and floppies are considered a dead product right now anyway. their only use would be fore software preservation. for a usb-to-analog floppy controller, google kyroflux, you may have to make your own pried circuit board, it's open source hardware.
  • cdrom/cdrw drives - dvd burners are now the thing. you might be able to pick these up at a computer recycler
  • as of 2/2013, IDE/ATAPI/PATA DVD burners are no longer available on the market - except 1. WORKAROUND:
    • buy from computer recycling shops
    • buy from computer stores that still have them in stock while you still can!
    • (probably not work on windows 9x/me!) buy an external USB DVD burner. blu-ray doessn't work with xp abd below I hear.
    • buy a used computer, maybe off - although that may be the expensive way to do it, might cost upwards of $50
    • buy this one for $70 (way overpriced)?
  • as of 2012, motherboards no longer offer IDE/ATAPI/PATA
  • 30GiB drives are no longer avaliable for windows 98/me machines. try for refurb 120GB drives, those should work. you will need to partition them into 30-32GiB partitions. one problem with larger drives than 120GB is that the BIOS may not see beyond 127GiB due to a BIOS limitation, and motherboards circa win2k had that limitation. a larger drive may work fine except for that. win98 browser can use firefox 3.22 I think. see the table below for how to partition an existing drive into chunks windows 98/me can use (no more than 24 letters!) - nobody said you have to use the whole disk! and you can put another OS on it too!:
    Windows 98/me maximum-sized FAT32/vfat partition partitions for up to disk IF mobo supports >127GiB barrier. and allowing for reservation of drive letters for Optical drives and Floppies
    partition number Drive Letter partition size in GiB sum of size (disk size in GB)
    the maximum size usable by most windows 98 boxes will be about 127GiB due to the old BIOS and possibly the chipsets. usually it's the BIOS. if you are fortunate enough to have a BIOS update which fixes the problem, then you have a chance to fix the problem and use a bigger disk like a 500GB. chances are no. WORKAROUND: a refurbished 80 or 120GB drive might work just fine. motherboard which have the old 127GiB/137GB limits you can mitigate by installing a SATA CARD.

As per Microsoft regulations, XP Recovery Media can no longer be sold. sorry folks. if you didn't make recovery discs or you lost yours, you have several choices:

  • buy a new computer and get used to the new OS (maybe buy a book on it)
  • buy a used computer that DOES come with recovery discs (very little chance of this, people are in the habit these days of wiping the machine before selling, which removes the OS recovery partition), and 99% of the time you don't get recovery discs
  • buy a used computer that has a recovery partition
  • buy a new Windows Retail (full) OS for $180-$280 - most of the drivers you need are built-in. 32-bit XP Mode is available in Pro and Ultimate - you may have to manually install it. Maybe buy a book on it. upgrade your CPU first while you have the chance!
  • if necessary, get help from a techie friend and install a favorite distribution of linux I usually think of
    • OpenSuse linux (not all that great for installing software)
    • Fedora linux
    • Ubuntu linux
    • edubuntu for college students and kids
    • reactos (windows clone still in alpha stages)
    • linux mint
    • turnkey linux (for business servers)
    • zentyal linux (for business "office" servers)
    • debian linux (comes on a blu-ray-DL disk)
    . in fact, linux live cd's like gparted can be used to fix and repartition and backup windows systems...
  • see if there is a trade-up/trade-in program for your machine via the manufacturer
  • recycle the machine at a local computer recycling shop
  • if your system is running, use it till it drops.

Software hosting at $10/mo@10GB, $40/mo@40GB, 160/mo@160GB (2/2/2013) is the only anon FTP hosting place around except for maybe akamai (akamai).also check out they I think have global software delivery (FTP?) and e-commerce hosting and software/content delivery and content streaming. and

This is a 1028-page PC-oriented site, though once in a long while you will find some Mac tidbits. I am learning bits more about the Mac as I go along.

This QR Code is, my business site. updated 7/2/2012 since my business changed trade names in may forgot to change this.

This QR Code is the main page may have videos on it which may not be mobile-browser friendly due to their size.

what programming is like for me

I am not on any social networking sites for my own reasons. don't make requests.


  • SSD's and hot power disconnect: (I don't know how this applies to hot-plug) with the exception of enterprise SSD's that have large capacitors in them, as of March 2013, apparently 13 out of 15 tested SSD's can be dangerous to your data if there is an unexpected power loss. use all your tricks to make as clean a power-off as possible like ctrl-alt-del to kill a dead/non-responding task first, closing applications and notification area programs, end-task on extraneous processes, stopping extraneous services you have installed (like apache, mysql server). locked files (because they are open or running) or open files can sometimes be something you can take care of.

about my programming

The languages I currently use for development are:

  • NSIS installer
  • C++
  • Auto-it3 (BASIC-like GUI language)
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Perl
  • 386 Assembler
  • JavaScript
  • BASIC-like languages
  • flex
  • bison
  • Java
  • minimal stuff with Flash.
  • Tcl
  • whatever is thrown at me pretty much... - except LISP - it ties my mind in knots.

Languages I used in College

  • Actor (dervative of Smalltalk)
  • Modula-2
  • C
  • C++
  • Pascal
  • 8086 Assembler
  • P/byte-Code interpreter
  • languages we wrote/compiled/ran with specifications given by the instructor

Certifications have not benefitted me and seem to be a waste of my resources. I know basically what I can do.

Windows GUI programming I tried once before using MFC, but now I am trying to tackle it using only the Win32 API. any help is greatly appreciated. Now I would like to work with combo boxes and list boxes without using a resource editor, and using mingw and mingw-w64. I might end up using a GUI toolkit to make everything easier because the message passing system of windows is a pain.

I think I could do embedded systems given some practice. Real-time Embedded is another matter, that would take some study into the subject.

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